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The Precision Governors team has over 100 years of technical and operational experience to meet the diverse needs of individual industries. We continue to expand our engineering capabilities for the development of new technologies, products, and applications.

Located in Rockford Illinois, we provide engineered control solutions to industrial markets that include the following industries: Off Highway, Marine, Oil and Gas, Material Handling, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Agriculture/Farming, Construction and Industrial.

  • Engineering Power

    Precision Governors enjoys the advantage of wide-ranging and long experience in our skilled and agile technical team. Our reputation in actuation and controls for small engine control is well-known. Read more

  • End-to-End Quality

    Precision Governors understands that quality is not simply characteristics to be “inspected-in” before shipment. Rather it is a cultural dedication to developing the right processes. Read more

  • Unique Power Solutions

    Our customers take on ever-higher aspirations for more efficient, cleaner-operating and reliable products, in turn changing their customers’ worlds for the better. Our most important role is anticipate their needs, and be ready with solutions. Read more

  • Industrial Markets

    We provide engineered control solutions to industrial markets that include industries such as Off Highway, Marine, Oil and Gas, Material Handling, Renewable Energy, Power Generation, Agriculture/ Farming, Construction and Industrial.

Solution Stories

Engineered Control Solutions

PG Engineered Control Solutions are found in many different areas. Applications requiring the most precise control and robust products use PG solutions. If you have an application that may not be served directly by one of our current products, please feel free to contact us to determine a solution that is best for you. Our engineering and manufacturing experience allow us to quickly respond to create custom solutions for your specific needs.

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